Draper Labs hands over IMEDS to the Working Group

July 6, 2015
For several years Draper Labs (Cambridge, MA), under the leadership of Len Polizzotto, organized a group of experts in neurocritical care and informatics for the purpose of addressing many of the problems seen in this field. The iniative, called IMEDS, developed an architecture and concepts to improve informatics in neurocritical care.

Due to a change in focus at Draper Labs, they will no longer be leading the IMEDS project and have turned it over to the Working Group to continue the development of this work. Draper personnel will continue to be involved through the Working Group.

We welcome the IMEDS group.

13th Annual Neurocritical Care Society Meeting

October 7-10, 2015, Scottsdale, AZ

The Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) is a multidisciplinary, international organization whose mission is to improve outcomes for patients with life-threatening neurological illnesses. Through each annual meeting, consistent efforts are made towards the discovery and communication of the highest quality of care for patients with critical neurological conditions throughout the world.

The theme of this year’s meeting will be: “Back to the Future.”

For meeting information, please visit: Neurocritical Care Society