Working Group Receives Funding from the Dept. of Defense

August 5, 2019

Several attendees from the Working Group got together after the Washington DC meeting in 2016 and started applying for grants to fund this work. The first (a BAA to the Dept. of Defense) was not successful, but a second proposal was. We responded to an RFA on precision management of TBI and finally got the award in June (2019). The project involves creating standards for “data management” in neurocritical care to include nomenclature, annotations, archiving, and communications. This effort will greatly help research trials. Another phase of the project is to create methods to easily “plug-in” analytic applications whether for data cleaning, detection of events, or prediction. We will be working closely with the BOOST3 and SDII trials to apply our work. This work can only be done with a wide group of stakeholders and by leveraging prior work. We invite you to join the team.