Data Aggregation Project: Description

A challenge in neurocritical care is the aggregation of data from multiple diverse sources so that it can be used efficiently in patient management as well as in algorithms that extract additional value. The data of interest is often in silos and may not be in the most usable form. Additionally, the interoperability of data from source to user has been challenging. In this project we will look at several sources of data and explore methods to aggregate the data as well as optimal formats.

Medical Devices

There is no widely used medical device communications standard and collecting data from devices has been challenging. Some companies have addressed the problem in a way that extracts data meant for the medical record (Capsule Technologies, Excel Medical) and others have developed systems that collect the high resolution data (Moberg Research, ICM+).

New devices are developed each year with communications protocols of varying quality and capabilities. Our Group has developed recommendations for medical device manufacturers that guide them in the development of a robust communications protocol. See Work Products.

Data from the Electronic Medical Record

EMR data has been elusive to obtain but that is changing with the advent of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) and other technologies. We plan a number of demonstration projects around communications with the medical record.

Other Data Sources

Image data can be obtained via a PACS viewer using the DICOM standard. Other sources, such as time-synchronized nursing interventions, are more elusive. We will be investigating a variety of sources in our demonstration projects.