Focus Areas

Our focus areas are listed here with the active projects indicated. See the Projects tab for details of each active project.

Data Aggregation [ACTIVE PROJECT]

This focus area involves data sources including medical devices, lab data, imaging, therapeutic measures (nursing action, drugs, etc.), and the medical record. We are looking at data aggregation in areas where there are standards and we have made recommendations where there are not.


There is an acute need to develop standards for identifying data and metadata both physiologic and phenotypic.  In this topic we will initiate a consensus-based recommendation for a standard terminology in neurocritical care while helping to expand the NINDS Common Data Elements.  We will provide our results to various standards and data organizations. We will also work with data repositories such as FITBIR.

Data Management and Sharing

There is a need for both shareable and commercial tools for data management. This includes databases, file managers, data curation tools, data conversion software, visualization, etc. Our project will work on the interconnections between a variety of tools.

Analytics and Visualization

Once the data is collected, there is a need to extract value.  The value may differ depending on the consumer of the data and thus the analytics will likely span a range of techniques from simple metrics to machine learning.  This topic will cover these techniques as well as associated regulatory processes.