The goal of treating brain injury in a more individualistic manner will require data from diverse sources (physiology, imaging, biomarkers, genomics, etc.). The data will need to be integrated, annotated, analyzed, and visualized. It will need to be archived in a manner that can be shared for retrospective analysis and education. A seamless architecture for neurocritical care data is highly desirable but has been very elusive with many barriers slowing progress.

In this topic we will define the features of the ideal architecture based on our goals for use of the data. We will pay close attention to the interfaces, the “connection points”, between functions in the architecture to ensure these are based on open standards.  We wish to ensure that multiple vendors can produce a component of the architecture without re-inventing the entire system.  In this manner we will increase innovation and incrementally improve the system function and quality.  We will then define the barriers to achieving that goal and what we can do to overcome them.


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The output of the Working Group on this focus area will be in the section on Documents when they are available.

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