Data Collection


The connected Neuro ICU must gather data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive view of the patient as well as an input to analytics and visualization.  These sources include medical devices, lab data, imaging, therapeutic measures (nursing action, drugs, etc.), and the medical record.

One of these areas, medical device connectivity, has been particularly problematic.  There is no widely adopted standard for medical devices to output their data. Additionally, in medical device communication protocols there is a wide range of quality (high quality to error-prone) and capabilities (robust communications to none at all). Today’s solutions for recording medical device data are generally focused on populating the electronic medical record and not on obtaining data at the resolution required for advanced analytics.

Some of the data we want to collect (labs, images, medical record data) exists in a separate repository but access to it ranges from easy (images using the DICOM standard) to difficult (medical record data).

This focus area will attempt to identify, facilitate, and/or create methods for the collection of comprehensive data required for managing the neurocritical care patient.



Recommendation on Medical Device Connectivity

A document is being written that will provide guidance to medical device manufacturers regarding their communication protocol. Manufacturers need to understand the importance of providing a well-thought-out and thoroughly tested data stream from their device. There are economic and patient safety drivers that will encourage this work. The initial draft of this document will be available soon.



Comments on this focus area are in the Forum Data Collection.

Resources and Supporting Literature