How We Work

SmartNeuroICU Website

This website is the gateway to our project and tools.  Each topic we plan to address is described in the section Our Projects.  Some projects are just topics whereas others have been worked on extensively.  The status will be noted in the project description.  Each project has a corresponding Discussion Forum category where aspects of the project are discussed.  The Project Wiki will provide structure to the topic based on the discussions and will refer to relevant documents which are stored in a Github repository. Each project has a group of developers working on various issues.  Developers can range from a consensus group standardizing specific terms to programmers writing code to process data. 


The Process

Read through the project descriptions.  If you wish to contribute, join the group (click the Join button on the front page).  We ask for a contact email and a short description of your interests and background.  You will receive an email back within a day to create your user name and password.  This will provide access to participate in the discussion forum.  Once you have joined, please “introduce” yourself in the General category of the Forum (see the prior examples).  

Though some of us have been working on this project for several years, we are opening the project to a wider group using these tools.  Your feedback is very important to us.  Send feedback to [email protected]