Our Current Projects

data aggregation

Aggregating and time synchronizing data from diverse sources

We are developing pathways and tools to aggregate data from diverse data sources. These sources can be commercial products or other repositories.

terminology and harmonizatoin

creating missing terms and harmonizing terms

We are proposing standard definitions for those terms where they are missing.  We are expanding Common Data Elements where needed. We are developing tools to annotate and harmonize data from diverse sources.

cloud storage and governance

creating a standardzed multimodal database for neurocritical care

We are developing a standardized file naming format.  We are developing secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud storage with customizable governance. 


creating plug-in apps for analytic methos

We are developing a general purpose API to the standardized data repository.  We are working with collaborators wishing to test their methods on the harmonized data.


creating visualizations that communicate patient status

Visualization tools are being created that communicate patient status.  

the brain medical record

creating a more meaningful medical record for the brain

The ultimate goal is to create from the harmonized data a medical record for the brain that enables precision management.