Collaboratively Creating a Connected

Welcome to the Smart Neuro ICU Project

Welcome to the Smart Neuro ICU Project.  We are a group of clinicians, researchers, and industry personnel collaboratively creating a Smart Neuro ICU.  We are addressing the significant informatics “gaps” in neurocritical care including terminology, data pathways, databases, determination of patient states, and plug-in analytics and visualization. We are collaborating with professional societies, standards organizations, and other stakeholders so as not to re-invent the wheel.

Project Overview

Learn more about our mission, methods, and collaborators in the About section.  We have have a Project Wiki to povide an overview of  the components necessary for a Smart Neuro ICU.  The Terminology Wiki is an aid to develop a harmonize vocabulary.  The Discussion Forum solicits stakeholder input.  Our Github is a repository of documents and other resources. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the creation of a “connected environment” in neurocritical care. The initial benefits include efficient data sharing and more cost-effective clinical trials.  Our end point is to create the infrastructure to enable a new, more meaningful, medical record for the brain; one that can predict the patient’s course and optimize their management. Along the way a set of products, open source tools, and data sets will be developed to accelerate future work

Join Us

Join us to contribute to our project and to contribute to our forum.